Varanasi The City (2014)

LEAF anchored a national consortium to assess the various aspects of city management, and proposed targeted solutions for each sector - heritage management, waste management, improvement of infrastructure, developing methods to support art and craft within the city, and creating systems for traffic management. The final document was presented to the Prime Minister's Office.

Abhivyakti City Arts Project (2018)

LEAF initiated, conceptualized, and guided the process for an initiative that looks at integrating art into the fabric of the city. Since the 1st edition in 2018, it has also been involved in the process of content curation.

The Vadnagar Constant (2018)

Designing proposals to enhance and create tourist facilities within a Gujarati town - capitalising on its history, culture, and strategic geographic location. The design interventions were presented to the Prime Minister's Office.

The LEAF Fellowship

A research grant instituted in the name of the founder of LEAF to facilitate primary, and applicable research in areas that were of interest to him - Botany, Vedic Literature, Landscape Design, Plant Material, Sustainability, History, Anthropology, Ecology, and Archaeology.

Tracing Narratives (2017)

A travelling exhibition that studied the evolution and representation of landscape through multiple lenses.

A Real Shot At Change (2016)

Learning from Singapore's principles of governance, the project proposes a model to improve the efficiency of governance and administration in the city. The resultant model was presented to the Prime Minister's Office.

Varanasi The Village (2015)

With Udai Rajpur - a village 15 kilometres from the city of Varanasi - as a case study, the project looked at creating an adaptable model for the upliftment of the Indian village.

Udhyan Pravah

Recognizing the integral part public parks play in the constitution of the urban fabric, a group of landscape and architecture practitioners within Ahmedabad, under the guidance of LEAF, have refurbished and designed many parks across the city, and continue to do so.

Death Of Architecture (2018)

An exhibition put together by 13 firms that looks at not only the state of architecture in the country, but the very processes that are involved in practicing the profession.

Trichy Exhibition (2014)

An exhibition that was a part of a lecture series instituted by C.A.R.E School of Architecture, Trichy looking at context, climate and culture as an integral part of all design initiatives.

Saturday Sojourns (2021)

Curated by LEAF, Saturaday Sojourns - Modern Landscape Architecture in india - is a series of conversations that will attempt to map the trajectory of Landscape Design in india.