Collaboration and consultation are key principles to the projects that the Foundation undertakes. To expand this idea to knowledge creation, the Foundation routinely invites articles, and conducts interviews with sector experts, and individuals who are invested in the various areas that LEAF is invested in.

A Dialogue - Society of Garden Designers, Autumn Conference, 2021
Mr. Bhagwat talks about ideas of history, culture, nostalgia, society, and patronage as part of the SGD's Autumn Conference in 2021.

Curated by the Society of Garden Designers, UK, and hosted by Humaira Ikram, the Autumn Conference - Sense of Place - Listening to Land - saw Mr. Bhagwat talk about making ideas beyond sustainability, ecology, biodiversity, and environmental concerns integral to the design of spaces. He spoke alongside other speakers - experts in their field - Troy Scott Smith, Isabella Tree, Charlotte Harris & Hugo Bugg, and Teresa Moller.

A Dialogue - Baghorama Landscape Architects | Studio Roots
In conversation with Ketaki Godbole, Nikhil Raut, and Ajinkya Chavan of Bāghorama Landscape Architects, and Umesh Wakaley, and Prachi Wakaley of Studio Roots.

As part of Saturday Sojourns, the founders of Baghorama Landscape Architects chose to talk about their journey as they work towards expanding the idea of the profession beyond the immediate, not just through practice, but through literature as well. Umesh and Prachi Wakaley of Stutio Roots talk about the questions that have arisen - that need answering - to allow for a better understanding of the profession that they have been a part of for 18 years.

A Dialogue - Dharitri | Salient Design
In conversation with Deepthi Chandra of Dharitri, and Anuradha Rathore of Salient Design.

In this episode of Saturday Sojourns - Modern Landscape Architecture India, Ms. Deepthi Chandra of Dharitri, and Ms. Anuradha Rathore of Salient Design talk about their work, working with one's hand, and creating spaces that are integrated into everyday living, respectively.

A Dialogue - DDLA | FICUS
In conversation with Deepa Dipak of DDLA, and Aparna Rao & Sriganesh Rajendran on FICUS.

As part of this episode of the webinar series, Deepa Dipak of DDLA talks not only about the intricacies of planting design, and its joys, but also about running a one person practice, and what the implications of being a woman in the profession are. Our second presenters, Sriganesh Rajendran, and Aparna Rao talk about what it means to experience, and represent landscapes at an individual level.

A Dialogue SharedGround | STUDIO MADe
In conversation with Anjali Jain of SharedGround, and Madhusudhan Chalasani of Studio MADe.

In this session of Saturday Sojourns - Modern Landscape Architecture India, Anjali Jain talks about the boundaries that one navigates between academia and practice, and Madhusudhan Chalasani talks about how design must be guided by history, and context.

A Dialogue - Reading Grounds | Hemali Landscape Studio
In conversation with Preetanshi Singh and Shantesh Kelvekar of Reading Grounds, and Hemali Samant of Hemali Landscape Studio.

The founders of Reading Grounds - Preetanshi Singh, and Shantesh Kelvekar talk about the etymology that has guided their practice, and work, while Hemali Samant - our second presenter - talks about working with available resources, and learning lessons while creating spaces.

A Dialogue - VSLA | STUDIO 23N72E
In conversation with Varna Shashidhar of VSLA, and Dhara Mittal & Nishant Mittal of Studio 23N72E

As part of Saturday Sojourns, the our presenters spoke about the processes that they undertake in the course of their respective practices, and what landscape design, and space making means to them.

A Dialogue - KRVIA - Encounters
Mr. Aniket Bhagwat was invited to be a part of a seminar - Encounters - hosted by KRVIA.

An Eulogy to Slain Time - he talks about finding moments of value, moments of joy, and moments of nuance - moments that will guide us through these challenging times, and allow us to find hope moving forward. In a world that seems to have very little promise and optimism to offer - it is these moments that we must build on to create a world that demonstrates renewed ideas of creation, community, and empathy.

A Dialogue – 25th Annual Seminar, GLDA
Mr. Bhagwat delivered a lecture - talking about the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and how it has informed the idea of design, and space-making.

The Garden and Landscape Designers Association, Ireland’s 25th Annual Seminar - Designing in Challenging Times – A Shift in Perspective was inspired from the events of the previous year. 2020 has seen constant shifts – shifts in our ideas of interaction and communication; shifts in the ideas of community, safety, and security. This lecture – given in February 2021 – maps how design, in its process, purpose, and approach – must alter themselves to become a response to the times within which we live.

A Dialogue - Million Gardens
Mr. Aniket Bhagwat talks about the idea of the Indian Garden at the Bangalore International Centre.

The Bangalore International Centre founded by a group of like-minded individuals, is an institute that facilitates open dialogue and discourse - becoming a go-to hub for conversations on art and culture. In March 2020, Mr. Aniket Bhagwat was invited to the centre to talk about the multiple meanings, and ideas associated with the Indian Garden.

A Dialogue - Death of Architecture
Vikram Prakash, the curator for Architecture Talk, speaks to Aniket Bhagwat & Riyaz Tayyibji about the exhibition.

Curated by Vikram Prakash, Architecture Talk is a podcast that focuses on conversations of Architecture, Design, Space, and Art; they are conversations that allow for new perspectives surrounding these fields. As a part of the Death of Architecture Exhibition, Aniket Bhagwat and Riyaz Tayyibji, were invited to discuss the intent of the exhibition, why it was needed, the process of curation, and how it was received.