A dialogue - Million Gardens
Mr. Aniket Bhagwat talks about the idea of the Indian Garden at the Bangalore International Centre.

The Bangalore International Centre founded by a group of like-minded individuals, is an institute that facilitates open dialogue and discourse - becoming a go-to hub for conversations on art and culture. In March 2020, Mr. Aniket Bhagwat was invited to the centre to talk about the multiple meanings, and ideas associated with the Indian Garden.

A dialogue - Death of Architecture
Vikram Prakash, the curator for Architecture Talk, speaks to Aniket Bhagwat & Riyaz Tayyibji about the exhibition.

Curated by Vikram Prakash, Architecture Talk is a podcast that focuses on conversations of Architecture, Design, Space, and Art; they are conversations that allow for new perspectives surrounding these fields. As a part of the Death of Architecture Exhibition, Aniket Bhagwat and Riyaz Tayyibji, were invited to discuss the intent of the exhibition, why it was needed, the process of curation, and how it was received.