LEAF initiated, conceptualized, and guided the process for an initiative that looks at integrating art into the fabric of the city. Since the 1st edition in 2018, it has also been involved in the process of content curation.


City Arts Project

In times of deficit, art seems to be one of the few things that maybe viewed as disposable. For a large section of society, it continues to be something that is abstract; detached from their day-to-day lives.

Abhivyakti is the result of conversations on the significance of art in the urban fabric, the idea of patronage, and the relationship that the audiences and artists share. It brings together Theatre, Dance, Music, and Visual Arts. As an initiative, Abhivyakti is unique in a number of ways –

  • It is process driven, and the content that is showcased as a part of the initiative is as a result of its own merit.
  • The initiative has been designed to allow for cross-disciplinary dialogue, and constant dialogue between emerging and experienced artists.
  • In an effort to remain accessible to all sections of the society, entry is completely free.

Supported by U.N Mehta Foundation, it has brought to the city of Ahmedabad original, specifically designed content. Year on year, it continues to increase avenues through which the understanding and conversation surrounding art of all forms becomes more accessible.

LEAF conceptualized this initiative, and continues to guide its process. It has demonstrated that there are manners in which to have constructive conversations surrounding art and its various subsidiaries; it has demonstrated, and continues to demonstrate the significant role that art has to play.