Udyan Pravaha- A public space initiative

Parks are the essential lung spaces midst the grey urban fabric of our cities. Their importance is often not adequately expressed. A city with a robust and healthy ‘park system’, is one where often its inhabitants are culturally, physiologically and psychologically healthy. These parks often are victims of limited maintenance, unimaginative design and ecologically ill expressed.

There is a strong need to revitalize the unquestioned obvious way of laying out public parks in the city.

It is with the support of the UN Mehta Foundation, of the Torrent group and the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, The Parks People, that is a group of practitioners in Architecture and Landscape Architecture, anchored by LEAF have come together to take this on board and contribute quality public parks to the city of Ahmedabad. The collaborative effort includes association with firms such as Arya Architects, Arianee Landscapes, Design module, Earthscapes Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, Shared Ground, Studio 603 and M/s. Prabhakar B. Bhagwat.

The UN Mehta Foundation has contributed to the society with its many programs related to children’s education, Preventive health care, affordable medical treatment for the public ever since its inception in 2015. Developing quality public parks of the city of Ahmedabad is a new arm that the foundation is willing to extend to reach out to the public to improve the health of the city at large.

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